Zenzele Consignment winter photo shoot epitomizes beauty, creativity and sisterhood

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When the idea for a winter photo shoot collaboration at Zenzele Consignment was first proposed, we didn’t hesitate to sign on.

We are always looking for ways to expand our network, increase our exposure and number of shoppers, consignors and volunteers. And you know we always need fresh photos!

Just days after the initial proposal, the shoot was on. Lead by Rain Marie Artistry,  make-up artist extraordinaire and photographer, the team also included hair stylist Tia Freeman of Crowned by Tia and model (muse) Jessica Barker of #BossDivaMovement.

Somewhere in the middle of the shoot, it became clear that what started off as a great way to cross promote all of our respective businesses and organizations had become something more. It had become Black Woman Magic!

Creativity? Check. Professionalism? Check. Skills? Yes ma’am!!!

The pictures turned out phenomenally! Jessica was stunning. Tia slayed her hair and  Rain ‘kissed’ her face. Her clothes, jewelry and shoes looked like they cost a million bucks (ha!;) So, we got the finished product we had all hoped for.

Through our shared laughter, high fives and good vibes, though, we also gained something more valuable than great marketing materials – SISTERHOOD!

For More Information:

Rain Marie Artistry can be reached at krithom1014@gmail.com  or 256-425-5234

Stylist Tia Freeman’s services can be booked through styleseat.com/tiad. Social Media: IG & FB Crownedbytia

#BossDivaMovement on FB