Yellow, Black, and Brown: Earthy Colors in African Prints

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So I’ve been holding on to these pictures of this African Wax-Print dress. Some prints have deep meaning in them, but I haven’t been able to find specific meanings for this print. I like the shooting stars on my dress, although they could be considered birds or bats, to different observers.


Although meanings can change from place to place, I found  a bit of information on dresses like these, and what colors represent:
Pink- Associated with the Female Essence of Life, Calmness, Sweetness, Tenderness (Ashanti)
Red- Funerals (Akan), Passion, Struggle, Political Determination, Defense (Ghana), Color has protective powers (Ashanti), Threatening, Protection From Evil, Accomplishment (Nigeria)
Maroon- Mother Earth, Healing (Ghana), Healing and Protection from Evil (Ashanti)
Yellow- Royalty, Wealth, Holiness, Fertility, Vitality (Ghana)
Green- Renewal, Birth, The cycle of growth and decay, Harvest (Ghana)
Blue- Presence of God and The Sky, Having a Pure and Harmonious Spirit (Ghana)
Purple- Earth, Healing, Femininity (Ghana)
White- Purity, Healing, Happy occasions (Akan)
Black- Funerals (Akan), Seriousness, Union With Ancestors, Spiritual Awarness (Ashanti), Maturation, Spirits of Ancestors (Ghana)
Gray- Healing and Cleansing Rituals, Ash (Ashanti)
Brown- Funerals (Akan)
Gold- Royalty, Wealth, Status, Serenity, Spiritual Purity (Ghana)
Silver- Serenity, Pure Joy, Associated with the Moon (Ashanti)


Have fun looking for your own prints! Dresses like this one will be available in store from Zenzele Consignment!