What’s Hot in African Fashion!

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From Milan to South Africa, African prints are dominating the runways. Designers are using African prints to make clothes with modern silhouettes which can be worn on a day to day basis instead of just for special occasions.

What this means

This has inspired many local designers to make clothing that we can access in our communities. Need a pencil skirt and want to show your African pride?  You are almost guaranteed to find an affordable option through a quick google search or handmade sites like etsy.com.

At Zenzele Consignment we have been working to establish relationships with local designers so that we can offer these modern designs in our store.  As our store opening gets closer we have been thinking about the best ways to highlight the artistry and invention of our people through design and fashion.

We welcome designers to contact us to explore the possibilities of your designs being shown in our store and our website.

african print fashion

Zenzele Consignment table at Black Power Matters Conference in August

shirt picture

Men’s RBG embroidered shirt

We are in a time where the dominance of African cultural expression is reaching some of its greatest heights, through dance, fashion, make up and other elements of beauty.  It is easier than ever before for us to show our “confident, revolutionary, style” through our personal expressions of style.

Summer is not over yet, so dresses can still be worn! These beautiful dresses are guaranteed to put a spark in your wardrobe! Are you looking for color? Are you looking for comfort? Are you looking for unique style?  Looks like these will definitely make you the center of attention.




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