Trendspotting: Mini Backpacks

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So here’s another throwback from the 90’s, the mini-backpack. It’s in a ton of stores, relatively cheap, and can help give your shoulder much needed relief from the weight of your purse.

Other positives include leaving your arms free, as well as being able to carry your important items on a hot day without adding extra armpit sweat by leaning to one side of your body.

They’re coming out in a variety of styles, from edgy to preppy, to avantegarde, futuristic, lowkey, casual, or posh. However, it looks like the old 90’s trend of clear bags and purses hasn’t been combined with it.

These bags are much more expensive looking as well, no matter what the style, and are not just for pre-teens anymore. Not into this trend? Dig around your house and maybe you’ll find one that you want to donate. Love the trend? Keep checking our consignment store and you might be able to snag one before someone else gets it first!