Tiara Headband Trends? Yes Way Rosé (gold)!

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What better way for a queen to make an entrance into a room? Tiara headbands will do this work for you.

Combine that with the rose gold trend and you have something that encompasses the trends of the final half of this year in one item

Want a quick tip to match your lip to the color without running out to spend a bunch of new money on lipstick? Put a similar color on your lips on top of your lip gloss/lipstick to achieve the shade you want. The only c0lors used on eyeshadow that run a safety risk for putting around your mouth are blues and greens, so go crazy. Some higher quality brands will use colors in those pigments that are safe for your lips.

Want tips on subtle sparkle on your eyebrows at home? This pic features a few sparse dabs of cosmetic glitter in gold on top of the eyebrows, DIY this trend by clicking here.