Three Ways To Add The New Holographic Fashion Trend To Your Closet

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The Easy way:

Search our clothing racks for outfits that already have a unique shimmer to them. This is good if you’re feeling a bit shy about wearing a dramatic new trend. Check out the sequins over this in store dress for example. Any sort of shiny overlay, such as sequins, metallics, glitter, or implied shimmer will be on trend without being risky. Check out our latest selection of new items on facebook here.

The Minimalist

Whatever outfit you’re wearing can be improved by wearing holographic jewelry with it. Since the reflections can match any color, they can go with any outfit. However, this is your chance to find something in stock that is more colorful. Wear a brighter version of your favorite color and it will bring out the shine in that shade in your jewelry. If you’re into a less bold style of jewelry, you can wear colorful jewelry from our store that fades into different colors. Natural stones such as opal or moonstone will also have the same effect.

The Creative Way

Whatever clothing you pick out, you can use your makeup to make a holographic look. Transition from one bold color to the other, or find pre-made holographic makeup to your eyes, your lips, or cheeks. Glittery eyeshadow often already reflects on your eyes for a holographic effect. You can also use eyelash glue to stick sequins or rhinestones to your face for decoration. Also, for bigger pieces of glitter, check out this tutorial for creating colorful and glittery eyebrows that last all day for cheap.

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