The only fabric you need this Fall

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Mudcloth! That’s right mudcloth. Mudcloth or Bògòlanfini is an African creation traditionally  used as home decor; however many people use mudcloth in clothing and accessory design.


mudcloth hat and scarf

The process of soaking and dying the fabric creates a stiffened texture that is a wonderful barrier to the brisk winds and chilly nights of Fall weather. More than the technique, the patterns and colors used in mudcloth have social significance that translate to modern society.

The rich gold, bronze and black tones, usually present in mudcloth design, are a perfect fit in the pantheon of Fall colors. explains the significance of the patterns:

Social statues, characters and occupation, these are all things which a piece of mudcloth communicates.

Even now African people are very careful about what they wear, as each fabric, color and dress is interpreted by others. What you wear shows what kind of person you are!

Here we’ll talk about the meaning, the making, the colors, and the patterns of the mudcloth.

Here we show just a few of the many symbols you’ll find in a piece of mudcloth. There are many symbols not shown here which you may find in your mud cloth. Patterns and varieties are endless. Also, many meanings differ depending on the region, ethnic group, or individual. SO do not be surprised if someone tells you a meaning different than you what you see here!  mudcloth

So go out and enjoy your mudcloth and the many compliments you’ll receive.

woman wearing mud cloth jacket