Take Advantage of The “Bodysuit” Trend. Here’s Why.

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Ever bought something online, or in person, and found out the fabric was too sheer to wear on it’s own? Found out some of your clothing looks opaque indoors but when the sun hits it, you can see through your clothing entirely?? Here’s the solution that will help you for the rest of your life.

So I have three bodysuits, which I bought for really cheap. They can fit a small person, but they expand to plus size (I’m plus sized right now). It’s cheaper to get bodysuits that stretch to so many sizes now simply because bodysuits just happen to be in style right now. You will probably only need one or two of these for the rest of your life!

And here’s an example of a dress I thought looked really great online, but when I received it, the brown fabric part turned out to be sheer. So here’s my tip: Put any color bodysuit underneath it. (For the final picture I even wore short leggings in the same color underneath the bodysuit).

I chose a brown one because it’s closest to the dress color, but this also works with many other colors, The picture on the right is how it looks with a black bodysuit.

Much better looking, right? My bodysuit is made for a lower neckline but it still looks great, and if it peeps out the side, it can be worn with a jacket or shrug to cover it up.

(Voila, here is how it looks with a tan bodysuit and brown leggings)