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Means that you support African self-reliance by contributing your resources (time, skills, money, and network) to help Zenzele Consignment open a store in March 2016.

Here’s is what you can do:

  • Follow us on Twitter, Facebook (AAPDEP) , Facebook (Zenzele), Pinterest and Instagram
  • Share the GoFundMe link (gofund.me/aapdepstore) to your networks
  • Share our content
  • Take a striking selfie using our hashtags, your personal statement about your support for Zenzele Consignment (or use our statement –see below) and the GoFundMe link gofund.me/aapdepstore. (make photo public and tag us)
  • Make a short video with your personal statement (or use our statement –see below), say hashtag, ask people to donate. (Make video public and tag us).
  • Comment on our posts. The more activity on our posts, the more visibility we get.

Examples of Posts:

Facebook & Instagram:

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#IAmZenzele #Selfie4Africa I’m taking this selfie in support of African self-reliance.     I want you to know that I just made a donation toward the opening of Zenzele Consignment and thought you’d want to know about this project. Zenzele Consignment is an economic development project that will fund the work of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project, to ensure that they will always have the funding they need to build sustainable development projects throughout the African world.     Click this link (gofund.me/aapdepstore) to find out more and to make your donation; then create your post and tag at least 5 friends.



.@YourFriends I’m taking this selfie in support of African self-reliance. I think you’d want to support it too. Learn more here gofund.me/aapdepstore #IAmZenzele #Selfie4Africa

I’ve just donated to Zenzele Consignment’s GoFundMe and their efforts to change the face of African development #IAmZenzele (gofund.me/aapdepstore)

There are ovr 100k charities in Africa yet things have not improved. Hlp @AAPDEPUhuru shift the narrative. #IAmZenzele (gofund.me/aapdepstore)