Sparkle With Wintry Eyebrows!

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Here’s a cute DIY makeup trend that should cost you no more than $3

***Please see the warnings at the bottom of this page for safety reasons***

Materials you will need:

Blue Cosmetic Glitter, or Very Large Flaked glitter (sometimes these can be found at dollar stores, if not, try a craft store)
Any hair gel you like, This is a good chance to use hair gel that was no good and you didn’t throw out, if not, check the dollar store.
A makeup brush, or just a regular paintbrush
A blue eyeliner in a shade of blue you like (optional step)
A container (optional) to store the leftover mix if you want to use it more than one day (check a dollar store or craft store)

Step 1:

Go ahead and put on the rest of your makeup, but don’t bother filling in your brows or drawing your brows on if you plan on using blue eyeliner underneath. It will be especially hard to put on foundation if you do your glitter eyebrows first.

Step 2 (optional):

Draw on your eyebrows, or color over/in the eyebrows you already have.

Step 3:

Get to mixing! If you bought a container to store it, put a few drops of the hair gel in the container. If you only want to do this one time, just put a few drops on a small lid or a regular plate. You won’t need much gel at all to do this, so feel free to use your gel sparingly

Step 4:

Spread out the glitter evenly with your brush, Inside your container or on your surface, you don’t want your glitter sticking together when you pour it on top.

Step 5:

Sprinkle glitter evenly on top of the gel, then mix it all up with your brush.

Step 6:

Pick up the glitter gel with your brush and carefully dab it onto your eyebrow. The harder you dab it on your eyebrow (if you have makeup or eyeliner underneath) the more likely it is to mix with the underneath color. If you are having trouble getting the glitter to end up in like with your brow, you can push it up/down on your eyebrow with a q-tip, a tweezer, your nail, or even just your finger. The glitter shouldn’t give you much trouble either way unless you have chosen a very wide brush.

your eyebrows will look really strange when they are wet with gel)

Step 7: Save the leftovers (optional)

When you are satisfied with your eyebrows, go ahead and close the container you have it in, and save it for later. Dollar store or craft store, these containers tend to keep liquids wet for a few months, just enough to last the rest of your winter. If you celebrate the new year in January, you might want to save some leftovers for that.


Let it dry before you go outside!! It will not look the same when it is wet, the pictures I have up are only half dry, but a fully dry brow will look best, will allow you to at least rub your eyebrow if it itches without it falling off, and will not get tangled in your hair.

(half dry, as you can see, it already looks better as it dries)

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I shouldn’t have to say this, but please be careful. If you are using small glitter, no matter how careful you can be during the day, there is still a risk that it will flake off. Cosmetic glitter will be tolerated better by your eyes if it is tiny. Tiny glitter that is not cosmetic grade will irritate your eye more and have you walking around with one eye closed. If you are not using cosmetic glitter, please use glitter with VERY large flakes, which is what I picked for this tutorial. This is what the celebrities use, simply because a large piece of glitter can be removed from your eye easily, and is far less likely to flake off even if you scratch it. Please be careful. Do not scratch your eyebrow and then rub your eyes.

This size or larger, I compared it to a penny to give you an idea. Please be careful with what size you buy.