Skorts, In Time For The Summer

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So guess which trend from last year showed up this year and is even more popular? Skorts. These aren’t just regular athletic skorts, which are really just skirts with shorts underneath. These skorts are a skirt in front and obviously shorts in back.


I picked out a pair from a consignment store in a silvery-snakeskin pattern. I didn’t really notice this trend last year as much, but they also came out near the end of the year.


The weather has been getting pretty hot lately, which is something I’m not too big of a fan of. I like the look of skirts but I often throw on shorts so I don’t have to worry about how to bend over or how often to pull them down. Skorts are a good solution for people who want their full range of motion in a less sporty setting. They let you do everything a short does, with the appearance of a skirt.