Shorter Boots This Spring!

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In my youth I was walking around the downtown area of my city, and a lady yelled out her car door in the summer, “It’s too hot for boots” and drove away. It was the middle of summer and it was quite hot, I admit. But I loved boots. I love boots of all types, the higher the better, different patterns, and I didn’t care whether or not they were out of style by season or even by decade.


But most people are careful, abide by the fashion rules, for fear of looking strange, outdated, or mismatched. My fellow readers, I present to you a compromise: For those of you who love boots just as much as I do, it’s not quite as short as bootie, but tall enough to be a boot.


I picked out the pair of shoes on display here to suit my style specifically, but this is the exact type of boot that can work with any season. If you’re looking for something more specific to spring and summer 2016, try any shade of brown, beige, tan, or a blue jean material. Since these shades and styles are actually a bit retro and dated, it should be easy to find a pair like these in Zenzele Consigment. As for me, I’m probably still going to wear higher boots whenever I please, and giggle about my experience with my drive by commentary.