Seven Types of Shoppers (found in Zenzele Consignment)

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What type of shopper are you?


1. The Name Brand Seeker

You like to shop for name brands but you don’t like to spend name brand money. Recognizable clothing labels are important to your image, and you also know which brands have the best quality. Some people might describe you as “posh”, and you are sometimes seen as a trendsetter. Your commitment to brands is really about you wanting only “the best” for yourself and being confident enough to show off! Don’t be afraid to branch out, there are tons of high-quality no-name brand items out there if you are willing to take the risk. If not, you can get lots of name brand items in our store for much cheaper without breaking the bank.

2. The Emotional Shopper

For you, shopping is retail therapy. You work hard at your job, at home, and other areas of life and you can’t wait to reward yourself with a shopping trip and treat yourself! Shopping is a form of stress relief for you. If you feel angry, sad, or just a little less confident than usual, going shopping will usually lift your mood.

3. The Picky Diva

The things you wear are a reflection of your personality and status. You have a particular look in mind for yourself and you wouldn’t dare deviate. You would never be seen wearing a poorly put together outfit. Most likely you have a lot of people admiring your fashion sense. You’re only really picky about what you wear because you are so stylish. You would thrive in a detail-oriented job, and you might enjoy planning events thoroughly given the chance.

4. The Pan African Enthusiast

You just love the look and celebration of African-style garments! Whether you’re interested in Zenzele’s clothes because of their support for African designers, or you just like the way they look, you enjoy being able to show off your culture! Perhaps you’re also involved in African events, black community projects, or have strong ideas about politics. These unique items in store represent a bit of who you are and what you want to become.

5. The Frugal Shark

You don’t like spending too much money on anything. You like to save money, and can be more of a minimalist in life. You usually only shop when you need an item, and rarely buy anything you don’t need, whether or not you actually really like it. Having skills in sewing and repairing items so they last longer is a great way to save money for you too. You’re attracted to Zenzele Consignment for the low prices, and you pay attention to when new items are put out so you can get the best deal before anyone else. Some people might call you cheap, but you’re really just thrifty. The money you save is all the reward you need for your hard work.

6. The Hoarder

If you’re this type of shopper, you’re easily attracted to new items in store. You buy whatever you think looks good, but you already have so many clothes at home! Coming in to buy one item results in you buying a ton of things you didn’t actually need. You might find yourself with two of the same clothing item from different stores by accident. It can be hard for you to stay out of debt! Zenzele will have cheaper prices if you just can’t get enough clothes and want to spend less money. When you sort through all the clothes you have (but never wear), you can make some money back by consigning with us!

7. The Philanthropist

You think very carefully about where you buy your clothes in addition to just how they look. You care about how workers are treated, what wages people are paid globally to get the product to you, and your purchase’s impact on the environment. You enjoy responsible buying and were probably attracted to Zenzele Consignment thanks to it’s positive impact on the community, the new SOILdarity project for urban gardens, or other work from AAPDEP. It also doesn’t hurt that buying clothes from consignment stores instead of brand new items reduces waste and is great for the environment. Less new clothes, less landfills!