Ripped Jeans and Country Denim

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One of the heavier trends I’ve seen coming out this spring is the blue denim look, but not just on your jeans. The blue jeans color and material has made it to purses, shoes, jackets, shirts, and other accessories unapologetically. Often it’s paired with different colors of leather.


This outfit was originally bought for a country themed wedding I attended, and it was entirely under $50, thanks to me visiting a consignment store instead of a new item. The jeans themselves were only $10. There were better ones for more money, but since I only planned to wear them once, I bought the cheapest one. This style was not even a trend back then.


The best way to wear these I find are with leather accessories, I personally prefer boots, but many people are already wearing sandals ripped jeans. I found the leather belt for $3 to add to the look, and the frilly shoulder top was $9. In fact the most expensive part of this outfit were the boots, for $17.