Our non-profit, the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) has publicly announced its efforts to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone.  AAPDEP’s responsibility is to organize Africans to build development projects that improve the conditions for African people throughout the world.

Zenzele Consignment, the economic initiative of AAPDEP, is responsible for building a sustainable economic foundation that will fund the work of AAPDEP, thereby increasing our capacity to move the work forward.  Until such time as Zenzele Consignment is a fully developed, AAPDEP will still need our supporters to help fund the work.

Here’s AAPDEP’s Statement:

In accordance with our mission and in response to the ongoing Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in Africa, AAPDEP is launching Project Black Ankh, an international fundraising and community health education campaign designed to meet the critical needs of our people in Sierra Leone, where Ebola is still on the rise.
The key features of Project Black Ankh include:

  1. AAPDEP medical staff- lead training of 30 Sierra Leone-based community health workers in Ebola prevention and identification
  2. Identification of Ebola survivors and the families of those who have succumbed to the disease,
  3. Distribution of food items, medical and sanitation supplies to 50 EVD affected homes, and
  4. Psychosocial counseling in affected communities in an effort to help families and individuals reintegrate into their communities without stigma.

How You Can Help!

  1. Donate to AAPDEP today to help us meet our goal of raising the $27,000 needed to fully implement Project Black Ankh!
  2. Organize a fundraiser in your local community
  3. Bring an AAPDEP organizer to your campus or community to raise awareness of the EVD epidemic in West Africa and raise resources for Project Black Ankh
  4. Join AAPDEP’s medical team and help to build health care programs in Sierra Leone and other parts of the African world.

Africans, it is our responsibility to mount a collective response to the ongoing attack on our people’s ability to experience the health and happiness we deserve. We must join with our brothers and sisters in West Africa and around the world to develop our capacity to smash Ebola and the conditions that created it. Project Black Ankh is one of our strategies and AAPDEP is our organizational vehicle. Join us! Support Project Black Ankh today!!

For more information, please contact us at:
Email: info@developmentforafrica.org
Telephone: 256-281-1344


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