I’m sure everyone is familiar with matching colors and shades of your outfit. Some people have even experimented with using contrasting colors and patterns to deliberately mismatch their outfits. I’m sure the results are mixed, but there’s one habit we all tend to have when making outfits and matching our clothes, and that’s to use one of the main colors to match everything else and pull it together.

For example, our outfit styled here looks amazing already with brown and red matched in her shoes and makeup. However up close this outfit has yellow accents which would look great if we paired it with yellow or brighter gold shoes and makeup. Over time we tend to see our outfits a certain way, since we’re used to using the same main colors with it.

So I’m suggesting another trick that is simple and easy to follow. If you find the outfit boring, or it tends to look like all your other clothes, try matching your clothes to the least used color in the the pattern. For example our dress above has red accents that can be brought out for a different look. If the color is really subtle, you can even try a different shade of the same color that is brighter to really bring it out.

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