One Sided Sequin Tops, Why Only One Side?

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Here is a pretty pink sequin top, that is perfect for colder weather and the holiday season. This top is great for layering because it is extra long and sleeveless. Although I overall prefer clothes with sequins on both sides (all the way around) there are reasons for while tops are sold this way.


First, it’s often more appealing and easier to buy because it’s cheaper. half the sequins tends to cost less to produce, and end up with a cheaper price overall. The front is the main part people will see when you wear it, and depending on the event, you might only see that side.


The other reason, is that sometimes, sequins tend to catch on your jacket and other clothes. not all fabrics mix, and if everyone is wearing different materials in a crowded place, one wrong move on your shirt by someone else’s can destroy it. Also, there won’t be any surprises on which jacket won’t work out with your sequined clothes. So if you just want the same look for less, reconsider the one-sided tops, and if you think it’s worth it, it can save you some money.