One Shirt, Four Different Looks

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I found this shirt online a long time ago for no less than $15 (with shipping). I originally bought this shirt with work in mind, but every article of clothing can be more versatile than it appears. I like to get items that can be worn in more than one scenario, so these set of looks are intended for someone who bought a casual shirt and wants to wear it to work as well as other scenarios. Changing the neckline and shape of this shirt can show you how dress up or dress down a “trendy” blouse for different occasions.


Look 1: I’m going to work on a slightly more casual day.


Pair these with a gray plain mid-length skirt, solid colored stockings, studded earrings, and an antique ring to tone down the look for work. Make sure the shirt is buttoned up slightly lower than your neck, not too high or low, for comfort.




Look 2: I have a presentation, or my supervisor is randomly at work for the first time in ages, and I need to look more professional fast.


Keep your accessories from look 1, except add a blazer. Button your shirt higher if you can, but don’t choke yourself. If you have a shirt that does not button high, a casual shirt can be safety pinned higher up from the inside. If your casual shirt does not button up high, pair it with a scarf (scroll down to look 4 for a picture example)


I actually found this blazer for $10 clearance, and it’s great to have crumpled in a drawer or a large purse at work, so you can randomly throw it on if need be. The fabric is a type that implies it should be slightly wrinkled, so it can be hidden in small spaces.




Look 3: I want to go out to eat or look sophisticated at a nighttime event.


Same shirt, unbuttoned for a lower cut, with slightly metallic gold jeans. I bought these pre-worn jeans for $10, the necklace was $5, and the earrings and bracelet can be found in this post.




Look 4: Trendy, younger, slightly lolita, slightly girly, slightly victorian look. This in an outfit with summer in mind (however any summer outfit can become a winter outfit with very thick winter tights).


The skirt I added is actually damaged and probably one of the most expensive items I own ($50, and yes I mentally cry a little at the thought). The idea behind this is not the cost, the same look can be replicated with the material, it is frilly, short, and velvet, with bows. any velvet, lace, or frilly skirt will create the same looks. Trying a pastel color instead will make the look more feminine.


Accessories included two hair bows (believe it or not I found them in a pet store for $3, they were a pair of bows intended for dogs), and a scarf. The scarf here is a good example of how to cover up a low neckline on a casual shirt at work.