Long, Large, Rhinestone Fantasy Rings $5 each!

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Sometimes we like our rings simple, but sometimes, more really is more. I found these detailed all at $5 each, but I want to start with the first two. They seem like they could be used for a more elegant event.
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They came in silver (left) and gold (right), and have an attachment for a thumb ring as well. They cover the whole finger, and although they look pretty casual, I think that these would work well for shopping or more casual daily use. The rings are resizeable and so far haven’t caused me any major issues in picking things up.

Above is generally the type of look I would be going for for a formal event. Preferably I would stack these on my left hand, as I eat mostly with my right hand. But that was the sort of look I was going for when I saw these rings.

6 5

For those with a slightly simpler style in mind, I found these two rings for $5, of a similar style. In silver (right) and gold (left) these rings were not resizeable, but these are an easy way to wear this trend in a way that is not so over the top.


Above I tried to lay them out more clearly. You can click on the above image to see it larger for details.