I Tried It: Rhinestone Stockings

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I like to experiment with risky clothing sometimes, because I think they’re beautiful, unique, and possibly cheap.

I found stockings online with rhinestones for $7. It was offered in three different colors: white, pink, and black. So of course I picked black. I wanted to try them out and see how they really looked in person. I also want to make sure you know that for this price, this was definitely a knock off. However, I was really interested in the concept and how this would work out. Would the rhinestones fall off? How would they stay on? How is this possible? Was I getting a good deal for really cheap?

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So when the package arrived I could see all the flaws of this stocking right away. First of all, the stocking was too small, it would have fit a child better, and the rhinestones only covered a small part of the visible section. They were also only added to the front side, and not the back.


(rhinestones didn’t cover the whole leg)


However, I was pretty impressed with the way the side covered with rhinestones looked. In fact, it looked like it was stuck on with a simple gluegun. I immediately wanted to see if I could do this myself at home. How long would their rhinestones last when they looked so fragile? How long would rhinestones I glued on myself last throughout one night if I glued them with more care? I had to bring these with me for an adventure.


First, I cut out a cardboard piece and counted out exactly 16 rhinestones (including one giant one) to stick on the stocking with a cheap gluegun to test my own. I picked light blue rhinestones so I could tell which side fell off if they came out through activity or while eating.


I used the cardboard as a backing to glue it on. and it actually looked pretty similar. Part of me wished I had clear stones on hand so it the stocking would look completely done. I also had to cut them into thigh-highs to get them on since they were such a small size, and hold it up with a knot at the end and a garter belt. Unfortunately, while O was putting them on, I was not careful and my long nails and poked two holes in them.


So I wore it around the house, crawled with them across my bed, and not one fell off. I went outside to walk around in the cold with still no change, then ate dinner in a warm restaurant. I sat on the backs of my legs for 15 minutes as well. Not one stone dropped. After an hour into dinner I got really curious (and impatient) and pulled one of the larger stones about an inch off my leg, it stretched but still didn’t come off. I couldn’t think of any other tests for a night out to make them come off. Both colors of rhinestones lasted all night. I really enjoyed wearing them, despite there being two colors on them. They glittered as I walked, and they weren’t uncomfortable at all.

9 10

It looks like it’s possible for me to make these myself, so stay prepared for a DIY sooner or later. I loved the way these looked.