Are you looking through our clothing and not sure how to style it? Are you looking for something new or a way to wear African clothing? Take a look at these runway look from three great African designers.

Here are three elegant outfits by Lisa Folawiyo:

Lisa Folawiyo brings together traditional African wax prints with edgy and modern shapes, unexpected puffy sleeves paired with asymmetrical hems, and multiple layers in each garment.

Here are three stunning outfits by Maki OH:

Maki OH celebrates the model’s natural frames with fitted, loose designs, ruffles on both pants and shirts, as well as off shoulder romance-inspired silhouettes.

Here are three refined outfits by Orange Culture:

Orange culture puts a modern twist on casual work clothes with flashy trims, turquoise camouflage, and takes on edgier silhouettes.

African fashion is becoming more popular worldwide and the African community is winning with it’s unique creativity. Homegrown talents are being celebrated and this is making the continent more influential for current trends. There are more fashion weeks, boutiques, and fashion schools, magazines, and websites as time goes on. Shop unique African clothing in store here at Zenzele Consignment, and keep an eye out for beautiful pieces to add to your wardrobe.

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