#blackgirlswrapwednesday is a national campaign to challenge anti-African school dress code policy at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, Fl.   Social media has taken the campaign to the next level as African women and men show their support for the students at Gibbs by wrapping their heads and taking pictures of themselves using the  hashtag.   wrap0coverjpg

I’ve been holding on to one of these scarves for a post for over a year now! Finally I have the chance to use it, and since it’s Wednesday, I’ll bring to you four very simple ways to wrap your hair. This also doubles as a protective style, it can cover up a bad hair day, and it can protect your hair from the sun as well.

1- (Medium difficulty)


Fold your scarf in half lengthwise and lay it on your head, with both ends the same length


Tie a knot on the side of your head


Roll the strings so they are easily twistable


Make a spiral by wrapping it around in a circle, I’m not so great at these spirals myself. You can use a pin if you like to secure it. Tuck the loose end under the spiral when you’re done


Wrap the other rolled end around your spiral. Tuck the end underneath. Now you’re done.

2. Easy (variation of above)


Follow the above steps, but instead of wrapping them into a spiral, bring each rolled end across the top of your head


Tuck the ends underneath each other on the opposite side of where they started.

3. Difficult (sort of)


Fold your wrap in half lengthwise and rest it on top of your head, the ends should be even length on both sides


Pull the two ends above your head and instead of tying a knot, rotate both ends clockwise so they have switched sides again:


Roll both ends of the scarf


Start to make a spiral pattern with one of the strings, tuck the end underneath the spiral when you’re done. I used a bobby pin to show you where you should place a pin, if you need one.


Wrap the other end of the scarf under the band you made on your hair


Make another spiral and tuck the ends under. I’m putting another bobby pin to show you where you would pin it, if you need to.


And now you’re all done!


4. Easy

You know the drill, fold your scarf in half lengthwise


Bring both ends behind your hair and around to the top of your head, make a knot


You can go out like this if you want but you would need to pin the top out of your face.
Make a bow with ends of your scarf. Try to make the tails of your bow as short as possible.


Tuck the ends of the own underneath the band you made earlier with the scarf


5. The absolute laziest way to wrap your hair

Just fold your scarf in half, although it doesn’t matter if you do. Tie the scarf in a knot at the nape of your neck




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aisha fields · September 14, 2016 at 4:06 pm

GREAT post Angelica!!!

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