It’s the middle of winter, the sun goes down early and the weather can be unpredictable. Zenzele Consignment has you covered on ways to stay comfortably warm with affordable options for everyone.

1- Wear a longer coat on especially windy days

Longer coats will give your legs extra warmth if you have to wear a colder outfit, such as a dress or thin stockings. On windy days, the coat will stay put and insulate your body, so even long trips outside will keep your entire body warm.

(Featured in store, a burgundy coat that is only $17 right now)

2- On warmer or unpredictable weather days, wear a jacket that weighs less.

Not sure what to expect? Do you start the day cold but the afternoons and evenings end up significantly warmer? Materials such as leather and fleece weigh less if you have to take them off and carry them around, and they also breathe better when the weather is cold but not freezing.

(Featured in store a racer style leather jacket for $16)

3- Wear a tweed coat when you want to make a more professional appearance.

Tweed material is both warm and will make you look modern and stylish. If you are interested in looking more put together, either for work or a presentation, tweed will make you look more organized. This sort of coat is also great if you will be seen in your coat often.

(Featured in store, a long tweed coat for only $25)

4- Are you cold indoors? Wear a thicker blazer, jacket, or cardigan.

There are some places we have to be that will always have the room temperature set too cold. Our store has a variety of indoor options to keep you warm, and the middle of the winter still gives you a lot of time to use your jacket.

(Featured in store, a tweed hook jacket, only $13)

Come take a look inside our store for great prices on winter clothing! Zenzele Consignment is a black community owned economic development project that generates resources to sustain the critical African-led community based educational agricultural and healthcare programs of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP)!
Shop, Consign, Donate, and Volunteer with Zenzele Consignment today!

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