Flats at Work? Do You Wear Edgy Accessories Or Stick To Basics?

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Let’s take a look at what this winter has to offer in terms of flat, professional shoes.

Tan, as usual, is pretty big, but shiny tan is working it’s way into the office a little bit more this season.

You can go with the more “masculine” viewed shoe, acceptable everywhere, in brown and in a fabric that resembles leather. Some of these shoes may have tassels, others don’t, depending on what you prefer.

Or how about a pop of red? Men’s fashion trends have strong red additions to their wardrobe, and it looks like it’s starting to leak it’s way over into women’s clothing, although it’s the winter season and not fall anymore.

An of course, if you work in advertising or a similar creative field, leopard print furry shoes or similar eccentric shoes will be a welcome and and envied addition to your regular office wardrobe. See what goodies you can pick up from the shoes at Zenzele Consignment, the clothing and shoe options change every day.