Easy DIY Valentine Nails!

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What you will need:

  • Two different colors of nail polish, one for the heart shape, another for the background
  • Glitter nail polish top coat, if you choose
  • A few toothpicks
  • Round cotton swabs (or a dotting tool, if you have one, the dotting tool will be less messy)

Step 1:
Put at least two thin coats of nail polish on all your nails of your chosen background color. Let it dry completely.

(If your nail polish dries streaky like this, add another coat)

Step 2:
Take the color you want to make a shape of a heart, dip your dotting tool or cotton swab into it. Make two dots next to each other on the upper part of the nail.

(this is what a dotting tool looks like, it’s the biggest one I have)

(The dots are really tiny but also rounder using the dotting tool)

(These are the dots left by a cotton swab, much bigger)

Step 3:
Use a toothpick to drag the excess left over from the dot into a heart shape. You can also dip the toothpick into more nail polish to carefully gather more polish if you don’t have enough.

(If I can do this with VERY shaky hands, I’m sure yours will look better)

Step 4: Optional

Go ahead and put a layer of glitter over whichever nails you choose for added effect. I put them on the tips of my nails.

Clean up: I find that doing my nails at night is an easier cleanup, so in the morning I can just pull the nail polish off the cuticles in the shower, however you can use a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to clean up your edges right away