Easy DIY Hair clip holder

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Do you have too many hair accessories? Do you just to take advantage of extra wall space so you can have more space in your drawers and storage? This DIY will take about 2 minutes to do, at most.

What you need:
A ribbon of your choice, thicker for bigger clips, smaller if you want to put up tiny clips. In a pinch a shoelace works.
A scissors
A thumbtack for every strip of ribbon you cut.

1. Gather your materials

2. Measure the wall space with your ribbon and cut it to the desired length.

3. Stick a thumbtack through the string onto the wall where you want the holder to be. Continue for as many strings as you want. Wider strings will need 2 or more thumbtacks.

4. Put up your hair accessories. Thumbtacks can also be used to hold hooked earrings and necklaces if you like.