Does Your Jewelry Rock?

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We have a number of jewelry available at  Zenzele consignment that involve natural gemstones! Please take advantage of our new donations while they last. Today I’d like to put in the spotlight two particular gemstone pendants that I like and bought myself:

The first beautiful gemstone pictured here is Opal Opalite. It has one of my favorite effects as it changes in the sun, has many layers. In fact I will show you up close how beautifully layerd this stone is in the sun

The picture itself is not doing it justice. Some spiritual and religious circles believe it helps open the third eye chakra. It is for all-around healing, stabilizing mood swings and overcoming fatigue. It can be useful in business and assist during transitions of all kinds. It also can give us the strength to verbalize our hidden feelings. It is all considered ideal for meditation. And of course, It’s beautiful. Please keep in mind that there are many spiritual variations of the use of this that I did not mention for the sake of putting too much information to read on this blog.

The second I have pictured is Malachite. It’s beautiful and striped (click on the image above for a larger picture) It’s considered a protection stone in some spiritual/religious circles (one of my main reasons for buying it). It should absorb negative energies and pollutants of all kinds from the atmosphere and the body. It can be seen as a stone of travel, by hoping overcoming your fears of it if you hold onto it in your hand. Yet again, this is only a short list, and there are many other stones in Zenzele Consignment, so get it while it’s hot!