DIY Leftover Valentine’s Day Card Hair-Pin

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Do you ever get extra Valentine’s Day cards that take up space in the house? They’re too pretty to just throw out, but they’re only from a place like your job, or a place you volunteered. Or perhaps you received a really nice card in the mail asking for money for some foundation? Here’s an idea to take elements of the card with you.

You will need:

A scrap of fabric (I used the leftover fabric from around the neck from this diy post)
A scissors that can cut cloth
A glue-gun
A Hair pin (If you want to make a brooch instead, get a brooch pin instead)
A card you really like.

1. Take a look at the card for removable elements you like

2. Rip or cut off pieces you think you can use, something that would look great in your hair. If all you can find is a ribbon, unfortunately the best you can make is a choker by tying it in a bow around your neck.

3. Make sure the rest of the paper you don’t want is off the back of the object

4. Glue a dot on your object, and stick the pin to it

5. When it’s cooled, check to see that you can open the pin afterwards, if it’s stuck wiggle the top open by opening and closing it lightly (and next time, use less glue so this doesn’t happen).

6. Cut out a rectangular strip of fabric and clip it between the pin in the center. Trim off the end until it’s small enough to not peek out from under the object

7. Glue both ends of the strip down.

8. When it’s cool, it can be immediately worn in your hair!