DIY Highlighter Nails

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Ever see the colorful nails on music videos and want to have it without going to the nail salon? All you need is tape, the bright nail polishes you already have, a black nail polish to cover it up. You don’t even need a steady hand!

So first, I gathered 5 different bright colors for my nails, and then a black color. I use really cheap nail polish, so I thought putting a white nail polish underneath would boost the bright color. most nail polishes won’t need this, so you can skip this step.


So first I went ahead and did a terrible job of putting on white nail polish


Then I put the brighter nail polish on over it. If you have a better quality nail polish, you can go ahead and layer on a neon color and be done, but it took me a few coats to be satisfied



Wait for your nails to dry. Put tape over the part of your nail you want to stay bright, make sure you get this the exact way you want it, since it will make a perfect straight line


Paint black over the edge of the tape and the rest of your nail


Carefully take the tape off. If a few specs of nail polish have come off, it should be easy to paint in the color now that a straight line has been drawn for you.


Try different styles with your tape. The more you do it, the better you are at it


You can clean up the edges by dipping a q-tip in nail polish remover, or if you’re not going anywhere, when you next take a shower the edges should peel off. Keep in mind that it’s better to just wait until your nail polish is dry to the touch and not tacky. A complicated repaint will end up looking like my yellow pinky nail!


Have fun!