DIY Bobby Pins! Recycle!

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So this is probably one of the fastest DIY’s posted here yet, and it allows you to recycle the old frungy-looking bobby pins you’ve used for some time.


Oh no, look at them all – even the black paint is coming off..

So here are all the things you will need for this DIY

  • Old bobby pins
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls/pads
  • Nail polish (colors of your choice)
  • Old sheets of paper/newspaper you don’t need anymore
  • A space to air dry your bobby pins

So first, go through your bobby pins and take out ones that will scratch your head off if you use them. They typically have a point missing off one end. You can keep them if you want and paint them, but your scalp might not like it.


(bad bobby pins tend to look like this)

Then fold up a piece of paper, and put all your bobby pins on it in a line spaced out. You’re going to want to remove the leftover black chips on the bobby pin or else it will mess up your paint job. Use a cotton ball/pad with some nail polish remover to rub it off, but don’t rub off the tips of  the bobby pin!


Then get painting! Better quality nail polishes tend to dry faster, but, if you have more time, this is a great way to use up old polishes you didn’t like or don’t use anymore.


You will probably need at least two coats to make it even. When it’s dry, you should slowly push upwards off the paper, to make sure that the globs of nail polish rub off on the way up.


(I am not the neatest painter)

You can make sure they’re dry by putting them on another piece of folded paper, they shouldn’t be leaving any nail polish residue behind when they are fully dry.


Once they are dry, you’re done! and the bright colors can be added to your hair to match your nails, outfits, or just spice up your doobie hairstyle one day.


Make Unique Decorations with your bobby pins by clicking on this link

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