Did Someone Say Fulani Earrings?

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I saw these beautiful earrings once, and fell in love with them. I’ve been after real Fulani earrings for at least a whole year. And by real earrings, I mean by a vendor who actually made it themselves, is of the culture, and is not some American retailer exploiting a foreign style for profit.


I bumped into a random vendor while I was travelling, and instantly moon-walked back to inspect. Unfortunately they only took cash, so I could only afford the smallest one here ($20) but the sizes were amazing. These earrings actually came sizes even four times bigger than what you pictured.


These particular ones I bought are made out of copper, but most are made out of silver and gold, which cost more.


I’m not completely well informed of the style and how it is made, but, this person was hand-making these (and several other cultural jewelry items I have not seen before). The great thing about these real earrings is that I have them in the real style, out of real materials (which means no ear sensitivity problems), and by someone who actually is from the culture that made it.