Customize Your Bikini With Wrap Tops!

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The weather is getting hotter and a lot of people will be having pool parties and travelling to the beach. One of the newer options for your old bikinis is to buy a wrap-top bikini. These usually come in sets, and the top will arrive as a long scarf you can wrap any way you like around your body. For better security, I chose to have an older bikini top under mine. However, I found it slips more with another fabric under it instead of just skin.


There are endless ways to wrap these tops, mostly halter or tube styles will work, but this versatility will allow you to change the shape of the top to flatter your body type. The colors I chose for this occasion were red, black, yellow, and green, but there are less colorful varieties available.


I’ve shown two ways in this post, but I feel this is something you should try to personally get creative with on your own. For a halter-style bikini, you can start off by wrapping the middle around your neck and tying it down any which way you choose. For a tube style bikini you can start from teh back (or front) of your body and wrap it upwards. This can also end around your neck or not if you choose. You can criss cross the bikini scarf or tie it straight up, the material is extremely stretchy.