But I Want To Wear My Crop Tops In The Winter? Quick Fix!

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I have very few clothes that are only for a specific season, and that’s because I  love all my clothes so much, don’t like to own too many clothing items, and I like to wear them every season. So here’s an example of how you too can take your crop tops comfortably into the summer.

 (hm, perhaps it is too cold to wear just this top)

All you need is your crop top, and a matching spaghetti top shirt. The spaghetti top shirt is important because it can be pulled down *(even beneath your bust) if your crop top has cut out designs that need to show off. If you can’t find a spaghetti strap top that matches your crop top, try to match one of the colors in the crop top, or pick a color close to your skin tone. If you want to be edgy, you can try it with a contrasting color and match it with the rest of your outfit.

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So put on your spaghetti strap top first, put your crop top over it, and pull down your spaghetti strap top shirt down so all cutouts you want to show off are showing. you can then tuck the ends of your undershirt under your pants or skirt. All done!