Business as Casual

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In a rush? Or do you just want to try to have fun creating a look? Try to put together an outfit of your own from our consignment stores. Here’s a business casual outfit I put together using a similar method of grabbing random items.

I had to start with a long-sleeve shirt, one with light embellishments is great for looking polished but put together. So pick one item you want to work the outfit around.

Then I picked out shoes, the easy part, they match and look professional and not overdone.

The skirt was the hard part, sometimes there are items in consignment stores you like but not in your size! I went with a texture that stretches so it can fit me if I get bigger or smaller over time.

Try this challenge in our store, you might like that an outfit like this can cost under $30. And don’t forget to pick up an accessory or two if you really like it.