Black-Owned Business Support Zenzele Consignment

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African businesses, just like African people, have a responsibility to share their skills and resources with the people. When African businesses are dedicated to our people and our liberation they need to be highlighted, recognize, and supported. Two of these warrior businesses are Oyin Handmade and Asli Pure. Both of these strong, quality, conscious, businesses have shown great dedication to Africa and African people all over the world. When the All African Peoples Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) approached them asking for support, there was no hesitation. These two businesses with strong black women in the forefront were the first to donate.

Oyin Handmade, based in Baltimore MD, has a vast array of nourishing handmade hair and body care products. Asli pure, based in Washington D.C. provides all natural handmade, soaps body oils, scrubs, and nectars.

Through the generous donation of theses two strong businesses AAPDEP is pleased to offer a gift to our supporters, containing a combination of four of their great products. The first 5 people who make a tax deductible donation for $50 or more will receive one of these gift packages. You can go to AAPDEP’s  website at and donate.

AAPDEP is a non profit organization that is working to strengthen African development wherever African people are in the world. We are currently raising money to open Zenzele consignment in Huntsville Alabama, a non for profit boutique where all profits will go to funding AAPDEP development projects around the world and in the U.S.

Please join us in saluting these wonderful businesses, and let’s follow their lead in supporting our liberation. In addition to making a donation you can support by visiting these business this holiday season and throughout the year at the following links:

Asli and, and Oyin