Bejeweled Clutches

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Right now a lot of people are going shopping to catch all of the bargains on last year’s formal outfits. Some people are also early shopping for their children’s upcoming semi-formal school events, while others just can’t resist missing out on a new style or item.


I was window shopping and found a set of the more “in style” clutches, which come in interesting shapes such as round balls, hearts, butterflies, apples, and of course, the continuing 20’s style. Clutches this style can also be used to hold important items such as ids and money in clubs or places where you are typically not allowed to enter with a purse. Often these purses are small enough to be considered “id bag size” and be brought places where even small purses typically are not allowed.


For those who think these styles are a little bit “too much” but still want all of the sparkle, there are still classicly-shaped rectangular clutches out with interesting patterns of rhinestones on them. The rectangle clutches are definitely more formal than the others, but depending on the outfit, any bag can be worked into a casual outfit.