African Development Starts Here

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Zenzele Consignment is the primary economic development initiative of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP). It will help AAPDEP fund self-reliance development projects in African communities wherever we are located, all over the world. Since 2007, AAPDEP has built community lead programs in agriculture, healthcare and education in Africa and the United States. Our AAPDEP-Houston 5th Ward Community Garden and Sierra Leone based Ebola response, Project Black Ankh, are just two of the most recent dynamic programs that have been built by AAPDEP members.

Along with raising much-needed resources for our development programs, Zenzele Consignment will also serve as AAPDEP’s International Headquarters, a place where the community, our donors and supporters can connect to our programs and donate to our work. Our store’s tagline is Confident, Revolutionary, Style– and that is exactly what we will embody! Whether pulling together a casual look or an upscale ensemble, Zenzele Consignment will offer our customers creative styling and unique, African-inspired fashion at reasonable cost. A win for Zenzele Consignment and the community, we will partner with individual consignors as well as African designers to sell their gently used or new clothing and accessories and receive a percentage of the sales!

Our store will be designed to cater to forward thinkers, people who want to live in a sustainable world and who are on the cutting edge of new trends and styles.

Here is what we need the money for:

Step #1: Sign lease for location in January (first, last, deposit) $5000

Step #2: Pay for 3 months utilities $500

Step #3: Renovate Location $2500

Step #4: Furnish location $1500

Step #5: Get inventory supplies (shopping bags, price guns, hangers, computer) $580

Step #6: Pay part time salary for 2 employees (2 months) $1920