SUPERVISOR: Director of Marketing


Zenzele Consignment is an economic institution and fundraiser for the non-profit, the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project, building dynamic do-for-self agriculture, health care and educational programs in Africa and African communities around the world.

Media Relations Volunteer is responsible for overseeing communications to the media, including preparing articles, press kits, press releases, and other content initiatives. Cultivates and manages relationships with media reps.


  • Prepare articles and press releases for the media.
  •  Ensure the company protects and promotes its image in a proper, coordinated, and consistent manner.
  • Cultivate and enhance collaborative working relationships within the press and publicity community.
  • Manage the flow of news about the organization to the media.
  • Gather and disseminate timely information to press and staff
  • Create effective communication channels.
  • Increase effectiveness of press and publicity function.
  • Act as a media spokesperson on behalf of the company and address questions and complaints.
  • Develop relationships with national and regional press contacts to ensure Zenzele’s reputation is promoted and to deflect criticism.
  • Plan and oversee press events.
  • Detect public relations issues as they emerge and address them
  • Research and write briefing materials.
  • Assemble press kits.
  • Compose and edit press releases, company literature, and articles for internal and external use


  1. The ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  2. Computer with internet access
  3. The ability to work closely with a diverse group of volunteers


Time commitment will vary based on need. Volunteers should plan to commit to 4-12 hours a month.


Training includes a meeting by phone or in person (depending on where you live) which will provide an overview on the goals and objectives of Zenzele Consignment.


  • Discounts of 10% on
  • Work experience to add to resume, new skills, networking.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to ensure self-determination and empowerment for African communities.

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