A Striped Wide-Brim Sun Hat For The Summer

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I wanted to get started on a series of sun-hats, since summer is almost here. Right now a lot of derby hats are in style, but continuing with last summers style, wide brim sun hats back.


The one I have in the picture is actually severely damaged in some areas so bear with me trying to make it look more presentable. Ideally, the best part of these hats (on the higher end) is that you can roll them up and put them in a suitcase and they will automatically unfold and stay in perfect shape. On the cheaper side, these hats will require more care when you travel, but will in general will stay in good shape as long as you don’t crush them.


These also have the benefit of giving you some needed sun protection (particularly your eyes). Check for hats that have an actual spf rating on them, such as this particular hat originally had an spf rating of 50. Either way, shade is partial protection for your eyes when the sun is out, so you look anywhere you please without the sun blocking your view.


1 Comment

  1. NAna Yaw

    June 16, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    Great looking hat very practical nice design, great tips for sun protection and tips for caring for and traveling helpful, Congratulations