A Flat Diamond Ring?

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I found this ring at consignment store for $3, although this diamond style is not something that has gone out of style yet. What I found Interesting about it is that the design is completely flat, probably cut from a machine, yet is thick and smooth enough to be a ring. I’m not really a big fan of diamonds or spending a lot of money on expensive jewelry, but I do like the shape of a diamond drawing.


I just couldn’t let go of how genius this idea was of either cutting a ring out of something flat to look 3d, or using a 3d printer to make a ring that stands up from your hand. I think this might be related to the theme of 3d printers being more accessible to some and more popular in certain areas.


I like to wear it to dinners and any other place where I feel the need to casually wear something that makes me feel like royalty. Read: everywhere. It’s also pretty sturdy and travel friendly. I’m not sure if this will pick up as a trend, but I love the way it is without it being popular.