1. Look for clothes that are light that you can layer.

Autumn is notorious for having cold mornings this time of year so you’re most likely to want to wear warmer clothes in the morning. If you wear several layers, you can take them off as the day gets hotter easily.

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2. It’s time to get more long sleeved jackets, cardigans, and sweaters.

These will come in handy when you find out office buildings are randomly too cold. Keep a jacket with you in your car and at work just in case you have to go anywhere that is unnecessarily chilly.

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3. Look for boots in your closet and in our store.

Boots will come in handy when you realize your heels keep skewering all the leaves when you walk around outside. They’re also a bit warmer than normal shoes and will protect your feet from the unfortunate slush created by dried leaves and rain, and unexpected snow.

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